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11 May 2011 @ 06:07 pm
Each night I break (x-posted)  
It was ongoing like a highway,
through isolation and pocketed population.
I stared through the glass, driving
in a direction determined by the wind
And you slept in the back, oblivious to
the tumult inside my head,
my heart breaking with silent tears
you will never see or hear.
I know, I know, you love me
with your all inclusive will,
But you continue forgetting
I am not my own, I am not this
free bird across an expanse of sea
you see inside your head.
Each night, I break, and in the
corner of the room I leave humanity
in its bag of bones and
blood runs from the corners of my mouth.
Hell never claimed my soul
in one night, my love.
It was a procession of splinters and thorns,
of mildew growing in the wet parts of my face,
crowning the oblivion I begged from the other side.
I am as damned as this night,
stretching without break, no street lamps to
give succor to the lost. I am
driving and you are sleeping,
Dream, dear one, dream,
and I inch closer to the fall. Please,
no pity to be had, you are unmarked by
this pact I have made.
Cries catch in my throat and
my vision swims with things that will never be,
I will never be free of Lucifer's persuasive
grace. Sleep, you are safe, and I will take
you across to the other side
But when you wake, I will be gone
like the wind which showed me the way
faraway from you.