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stirredbyamuse's Journal

Stirred By A Muse
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Welcome to
Stirred By A Muse

"O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention."
~ William Shakespeare

This partially moderated (moderated membership only) community is open to writers pursuing any genre or type of writing. Post up your work for others to read and possibly provide feedback on.

A place to:
come together
share your voice
provide feedback and support
find an elusive Muse (or re-energise a lethargic one), and
have some creative fun.

I want it to be about the experience more than the rules, but we have some rules to help the place run more smoothly for everyone involved in the community.

Please remember that respect and courtesy are paramount. No in-house fighting among members through comments.

Work submitted to the community must be your own original material.

For lengthier submissions, remember to use an lj-cut.

No spamming. (Spamming is the act of repeatedly making identical or near identical comments or the sending of a large quantity of notes with the obvious intent of indiscriminately spreading a message to as many users as possible without regard for whether they are interested in that message. This is typically used in an attempt to advertise or promote an agenda and is considered an abuse regardless of whether the commenting is hand-typed or pasted automatically.)

No advertising of other communities without emailing the Moderator first.

For material of an explicit nature, please put a warning in an lj-cut in case of underage members.

Sister community to withhumanvoices, 4poetry4prose, fallingmotion and freyas_voice.

Any questions, issues or concerns may be addressed to the Moderator at: